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ArborMaster Climbing Line!

The winner will have three great colors to choose from and either 150' or 200'with eye splice-  your choice! 

ArborMaster Hawkeye, ArborMaster Blue Streak, ArborMaster Red/White/Black

Designed with the modern arborist in mind, ArborMaster lines utilize specially treated polyester cover fibers for abrasion resistance and a stabilized nylon core for high strength and low stretch. This specially produced family of lines combine the perfect characteristics for quick ascents during footlock climbing, with the preferred construction for eye splicing. Whether you are using advanced climbing methods or not, Samson's ArborMaster family will provide your climbers with the strongest and toughest lines for safety and productivity, right out of the bag!  

We invite you to visit the arborist section on Samson's website to learn more!

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