L1 Precision Tree Felling, Chainsaw Safety & Handling - 3 days

L1 Precision Tree Felling, Chainsaw Safety & Handling - 3 days

3-day Module                                   
No pre-requisites other than meeting the eligibility to attend requirements

Course Description
The participants will be educated in modern felling techniques; and learn a systematic method to plan the operation and skillfully work the plan. Practices based on leverage, mechanical advantage, and ergonomics, as they relate to precision felling and chain saw handling, will be taught, demonstrated, and experienced. Students will be trained in practical exercises to develop skills and measure results. This course will teach how planning, skill development, and preventative maintenance equal increased safety and productivity.

Course Topics

For an expanded course outline, please contact the ArborMaster office

What to Bring
Students are encouraged to bring any equipment they use and/or would like to discuss with the instructor. 

Upon completion of L1 Precision Tree Felling, students receive a one time discount purchase certificate from Husqvarna (15%) good for purchase of PPE and/or 1 chainsaw at participating Husqvarna dealers.

Personal Protective Equipment: (PPE) Required
-Hard hat
-Ear protection
-Eye protection
-Work gloves
-Work boots
-Chainsaw protective pants or chaps

Please note:
It is not necessary to bring a chain saw to the course, as we will have saws on hand for the student's use.

Classes will take place rain or shine. We suggest before departing for your program, that you check the extended forecast in the area that the training will be held.  If rain is at all forecasted, we recommend that you bring appropriate rain gear, thermal undergarments if in a colder climate and a change of clothing on the day of class. Prerequisites: